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An In-Depth Exploration of OSMOS’ Stratedge

Explore Osmos, the pioneering omnichannel retail media operating system revolutionizing advertiser-audience interactions. Featuring 19 apps spanning Adscape, Control Hub, and Stratedge, Osmos defines a new era in retail media management.

Embark on a journey into the realm of retail innovation with our latest blog. Join us as we delve into the suite of applications within StratEdge, uncovering its prowess in fast-tracking growth through strategic demand-supply levers to maximize ad revenue. Explore how StratEdge becomes a valuable ally for retailers, optimizing monetization, fill rates, and brand adoption. Tailor your ad packages, implement intelligent scheduling, and tap into real-time audience insights for precise decision-making and elevated ROI. Stay with us as we unravel the groundbreaking capabilities of StratEdge, poised to shape the future landscape of retail advertising.

Pulse Pro: 

Pulse Pro is like the magic wand for all your teams' insights needs – whether it's program admin, sales, campaign operations, or the category teams. It's your go-to hub for a deep dive into how advertisers and campaigns are performing. With the power to analyze the gap between supply and demand for your ad inventory, Pulse Pro has got you covered. It even takes the pulse of your retail media program health and helps you pinpoint the right advertisers to target, making activation and churn prevention a breeze.

Key Highlights:

  • Live Advertiser & Campaign Insights offer a live performance snapshot of your retail media program, providing deep insights into advertiser behavior and campaign-level performance.
  • Growth Opportunity Identifier guides you in making data-driven decisions for revenue growth, analyzing the demand-supply gap for available ad inventory, and assessing the potential impact of unlocking new channels, ad formats, or advertisers.
  • Retail Media Program Health Trends lets you assess your program's vitality by analyzing daily and weekly trends across hundreds of metrics, benchmarking your performance against industry standards.
  • Advertiser Segment Creation & Deepdive helps you unleash precise data insights by crafting custom advertiser segments tailored to your chosen combination of attributes and activities.


DemandWise empowers you to unlock unprecedented success in acquiring and retaining new advertisers. With Osmos’ integrated solution and advertising expertise, seamlessly incorporate Personalized Drip Communication, tailor content themes based on segments, and execute Multi-Channel reachouts. This approach ensures a continuous engagement with advertisers, ultimately maximizing the adoption rate of your retail media network.

Key Highlights:

  • Advertiser acquisition & retention via drip campaigns ensures increased success through personalized outreach, without imposing the burden of individual advertiser reachouts on your team.
  • Behavior-based advertiser segmentation allows you to execute action-oriented campaigns, targeting cohorts with shared lifecycle stage, behaviors, and goals.
  • Content curation based on advertiser segments ensures impactful campaigns tailored to specific cohorts and  campaign goals, featuring personalized content themes for each advertiser segment.
  • In-house Expert Guidance for campaign design eases your team's burden by assisting in advertiser segment creation, content theme identification, and campaign design, ensuring optimal outcomes with's expert assistance.


Ad Bundles offer you a competitive edge in securing big-ticket deals. With the ability to craft omnichannel ad packages, you can position yourself as a major distribution channel for advertisers' holiday and festival brand campaigns. Moreover, you can provide tailor-made solutions for prominent advertisers, all backed by comprehensive reporting for multi-channel success.

Key Highlights:

  • Omnichannel Ad Packages empower you to craft compelling ad packages by seamlessly blending online and in-store tactics, ensuring valuable partnerships with key advertisers.
  • Event & festival campaign planner positions you as the advertisers' top pick for festival and holiday promotions, offering curated event-specific ad packages on a user-friendly planner.
  • Package & Tactic Level Reporting enables the creation of more effective packages by identifying successful tactics, offering in-depth insights into Impressions, visits, sales, and ROI at both package and tactic levels.


BYOT, or Bring Your Own Traffic, stands out as a game-changing strategy for retailers looking to attract new shoppers. With BYOT, you have the opportunity to leverage the marketing campaigns your advertisers are running for their own audiences. Motivate your advertisers to channel traffic from their marketing initiatives directly onto your platform by providing them with accurate Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) insights. This approach empowers advertisers to evaluate and compare audience performance across diverse sources, creating a win-win scenario that benefits both retailers and advertisers alike.

Key Highlights:

  • Lower-funnel reporting of Advertiser-driven traffic unveils the impact on brand engagement and product sales through tangible metrics like clicks, page views, add-to-carts, and purchases.
  • A/B testing for comparing traffic source quality provides advertisers a platform to assess audience performance from various sources before launching a comprehensive brand campaign.
  • Cookie-less traffic tracking delivers precise audience insights through identity-based tracking, empowering advertisers for informed marketing decisions.
  • Ad-blocker secure audience mapping ensures uninterrupted audience tracking, preventing data loss even when the audience uses ad blockers.

King of the Hill:

King of the Hill redefines house ad management, eliminating the complexities of traditional manual tasks. With this innovative solution, your merchandising teams effortlessly run in-house campaigns using the same portal as advertisers. Embrace real-time bidding to craft targeted campaigns and gain access to comprehensive insights into full-funnel performance.

Key Highlights:

  • Self-Serve House Ads Management grants Merchandising teams autonomy in executing in-house campaigns through the same portal as advertisers, eliminating manual coordination with the Content Management team.
  • Contextual Audience Targeting enhances CTRs by strategically placing house ads on pages related to the promoted category, reaching geographically relevant audiences with high-purchase likelihood attributes.
  • Auction Enabled Publishing accelerates operations by automating ad inventory allocation through real-time bidding with dummy dollars, minimizing the time spent by your merchandising and content management teams on allocation decisions.
  • Full Funnel Reporting & Analytics enhances merchandising teams' campaign visibility, providing a comprehensive performance overview from impressions to purchases and reducing reliance on campaign operations for essential data retrieval.

Concluding our exploration of Osmos' StratEdge, the suite's applications collectively redefine retail advertising dynamics. The strategic demand-supply levers, precise decision-making tools, and real-time insights provided by the suite contribute to maximizing ad revenue and optimizing key metrics for retailers. This holistic approach positions StratEdge as a revolutionary force in reshaping the future of retail media management.