Fashion & Beauty Retailers

can now enable ad monetisation with Osmos

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OSMOS helps fashion & beauty retailers

scale their retail media programs

by enabling


simplifying cross-channel advertising

, providing visually stimulating ad

formats and giving

first-party targeting

options specific to fashion and beauty shoppers

OSMOS facilitates

omnichannel ad serving

, incorporating

shopper behaviour


store inventory, and offers advertisers

cross-channel attribution insights

, making it ideal for Grocery Retailers looking to build a retail media platform.

OSMOS helps fashion & beauty retailers

scale their retail media programs



simplifying cross-channel


providing visually stimulating ad

formats and giving

first-party targeting

options specific to fashion and beauty shoppers

The Osmos Impact

Increased Revenue.
Reduced Cost.


Increase In
Ad Revenues


Increase In
Advertiser Adoption


Return On
Ad Spends


Of The Cost Of
Building In-House

Omnichannel Retail Media

Ensure Shopper Engagement Across
All Major Channels

Shoppers interested in fashion and beauty products often rely on social media and in-store visits for discovery and purchase. Retailers offering only onsite retail media will get fewer advertisers and a limited share of wallet

OSMOS enables fashion and beauty retailers to provide a comprehensive advertising solution, allowing advertisers to connect with shoppers on social media, in stores, as well as on the app and website

Onsite Retail Media

Allow advertisers to run full-funnel campaigns- from awareness to performance, leveraging visually appealing ad formats on your app and website

  • TOFU ad formats like Banner & Video Ads

  • BOFU Product Listing & Product Display Ads

  • CPC & CPM controls at ad inventory level

Offsite Ads

Whether your shoppers are scrolling Facebook or Instagram or searching on Google, ads run by brands through your retail media platform will reach them

  • Delivery across Meta, Google Shopping, DV360

  • 1-click multi-channel launch

  • First-party targeting w/o PII data sharing

Instore Ads

While your shoppers are browsing through products in your stores, advertisers get to influence them with ads on digital screens and you get a bigger share of advertiser’s wallet

  • Store, Section & Aisle Targeting

  • Demographic & In-store Movement Insights

  • Shopper Engagement Using QR Codes

Program Scaling Levers

Activate Tail & Torso Brands By Simplifying Advertising On Your Platform

The struggle to scale retail media programs is real for Fashion & beauty retailers. Reliance on managed-serve hampers activation of tail and torso advertisers. Also, complex campaign management processes demand resources and expertise smaller brands lack.

Globally, fashion and beauty retailers rely on OSMOS to switch to a self-serve model, simplify campaign management with auto-generated creatives and 1-click launches, and implement incentive programs to attract tail & torso advertisers

Self-serve Campaign Management

Enable smaller brands to advertise on your platform with a self-serve dashboard for campaign setup and tracking, while retaining control over campaign options available to them

Auto-generation of Creatives

Provide pre-approved templates which advertisers can combine with product images available in the catalog to create videos and banners for their campaigns in under a minute

1-Click Product Ads Campaign Launch

Simply Product Ads for advertisers with AI-driven product selection, bid optimization and keyword targeting. They just need to mention the campaign budget and hit the launch button

Built For Scale

Our apps have been designed to handle retail media’s biggest challenges.
We’ve scale tested to process:


P95 Latencyat scale


SKUs (Stock Keeping Units / day)


Real-time ad auctions / month


Shopper Events / month


Decision Points / month

Impactful Ad Formats

Empower Advertisers To Aesthetically Amplify Their Products

Sale of fashion and beauty products is highly dependent on the visual appeal of the product and the ads showcasing the product. Retail Media Platforms limiting their offering to basic product and display ads are likely to lose advertisers’ interest

OSMOS helps fashion and beauty retailers offer their advertisers stunning ad formats that showcase the products in the best light, deliver high CTRs and make the buying experience intuitive for shoppers

Shoppable Videos

Crucial for fashion and beauty brands, this ad format showcases a real person demonstrating apparel, accessories, and makeup in a near-live video, with products listed alongside.

Story Ads

Just like stories on Instagram, these are clickable ads at the top of the screen. They open up to capture the entire screen, hence offer sufficient space to highlight products in the ad.

Carousel and Cube Ads

Inspired from carousels on social media, this ad format is ideal for showcasing different variations of the same product- like different sizes or colors

Product Display Ads

A format that allows your advertisers to visually showcase multiple products in their natural setting- through an image or a video, and individually listing showcased products right there

Campaign Review Workflows

Only Allow
Campaigns Adhering
to Brand Guidelines

Advertising on fashion and beauty platforms needs to be visually exciting. However, there’s always the risk of advertisers going a step too far and using inappropriate content in their ads to drive sales

To prevent ethical violations and ensuring that the content in ads is appropriate, high quality and brand guideline adherent, fashion and beauty retail media platforms leverage an OSMOS app called Content Cop for reviewing campaigns prior to launch

Profanity & Plagiarism Filter

Removes inappropriate and plagiarized content to guarantee authenticity and legal compliance on your platform

Content Format Validation

Content undergoes AI-driven checks to ensure it complies with the right format, dimensions, and quality standards

Customizable Approval Workflows

Create customized pre-launch approval procedures with various levels of parallel or tiered approval stages

In-Platform 2-way Communication

Advertisers receive your feedback on their campaigns and respond to it using the same dashboard they use for campaign management


Real Stories, Real Results

Osmos offered ready-made reports and the ability to broadcast ads with a single click from a self-serve platform to optimise Purplle and its advertisers’ bandwidth. Osmos offered automation for scheduled reporting, budget tracking, and AI-powered estimates of key metrics and budget recommendations for every type of campaign.

Advanced First Party Targeting

Offer Targeting Parameters Specific to Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty shoppers are looking for products meant for their skin and hair type, or clothes that fit them perfectly and suit their style. Retail Media Platforms which do not offer such nuanced targeting fail to meet advertisers’ ROAS expectations

With OSMOS, high advertiser ROAS is guaranteed. Advertisers can target shoppers based on their skin & hair type, clothing style, fit and color preferences, with an added targeting layer based on shoppers’ purchasing power and behavior

Hair & Skin Condition Based Targeting

Advertisers have the capability to target shoppers who have previously purchased products catering to specific hair and skin types or items designed to address hair and skin issues.

Style & Size Based Targeting

Advertisers can target shoppers based on their past history of purchasing apparel, footwear and accessories of specific styles or in specific sizes.

Recency-Frequency-Monetary Targeting

This targeting helps advertisers reach shoppers who recently performed desired actions or do so often, and have a propensity to spend that matches their products’ prices.

Suggested Apps

OSMOS Apps For Fashion & Beauty Retailers
To Get Started With Retail Media In 4 Weeks
Product Ads

1-click launch, AI-first campaigns for promoting individual product listings

Display Ads

Intent driven, localized campaigns rooted in first-party audience targeting

Content Cop

AI content validation and automated workflows to review campaigns prior to launch

Pulse Pro

Intelligent analytics tool to identify gaps and growth opportunities in retail media programs


Billing and payments solution for simplified ad fund management and advertiser incentivization

Brand Jukebox

Advertiser experience manager that helps control feature accessibility to advertisers

Video Ads

An immersive audio-visual experience to highlight the best aspects of the product