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Product Ads

Contextually relevant ad campaigns for promoting individual product listings

  • 1-click Launch Campaigns

  • Contextual Targeting

  • Micro-level Yield Control

  • Full Funnel Attribution

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Video Ads

An immersive audio-visual experience for unparalleled shopper engagement

  • 1.5X Faster Loading

  • Autoplay on Mute

  • Automated Video Quality check

  • Video Play Quartile Data

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In-store Ads

Allows advertisers to run ads on digitally connected screens in the store with granular targeting

  • In-store Section Level Targeting

  • Offline-to-Online Analytics

  • Shopper Demographic & Movement Analytics

  • QR Enabled Tracking & Engagement

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Offsite Ads

Campaigns with reach across all major channels, elevated by first-party audience targeting

  • 1-click Multi-Channel Activation

  • Walled Garden

  • Off-Platform Inventory as Fallback

  • Full-Funnel Reporting & Attribution

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Display Ads

Intent driven, localized campaigns rooted in first-party audience targeting

  • First Party Audience Targeting

  • Store-level Geo Targeting

  • Auction & Fixed Buying Models

  • Campaign Review Loops

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Story Ads

Dynamic and interactive ad format delivered to audiences in a fullscreen, immersive environment

  • Mimics Experience on Social Media

  • Promotes Interactive Storytelling

  • Supports Images & Videos

  • Full-funnel Analytics

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PDA (Product Display Ads)

Campaigns showcasing products through images or videos, with distinct listings for each item

  • Inventory Synced Dynamic Product Listing

  • Real time Product Price Updates

  • Interactive Product Listings

  • Keyword Targeting

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Gamified Ads

Rewards based ads for elevated engagement, increased customer retention, and brand recall

  • Spin The Wheel Ads

  • Personalised Scratch Cards

  • Loyalty Data Integration

  • Engagement Reporting & Insights

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Influencer Live

Video ads with near-live appearance help engage shoppers via personalized narratives and interactivity

  • Interactive Video Ads

  • Direct Add to Cart from Ad

  • Designed for Storytelling

  • Inventory Synced Dynamic Product Listing

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Email Ads

Highly engaging and targeted ads included in your emails to shoppers

  • Ad Inventory Expansion

  • First Party Audience Targeting

  • Multiple Ad Formats Supported

  • Auction & Fixed Buying Models

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Carousel Ads

Multiple slides featuring different products, content and media in a single ad unit

  • Social Media Experience on Retail Media

  • Video & Images Blend in One Carousel

  • Interactive Cubes for 3D Browsing Experience

  • First Party & Geo Targeting Enabled

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