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Osmos offered ready-made reports and the ability to broadcast ads with a single click from a self-serve platform to optimise Purplle and its advertisers’ bandwidth. Osmos offered automation for scheduled reporting, budget tracking, and AI-powered estimates of key metrics and budget recommendations for every type of campaign.

Online Beauty Retailer

We seamlessly integrated and launched the platform in less than a month. The platform is scalable, reliable and lightning-fast, processing 100s of millions of ad requests. I highly recommend to any business looking for a reliable and effective solution for their retail media needs.

Shraddha Vimal,
Senior Product Manager (RM)

Sellers are now also able to generate detailed reports that provide them critical insights into campaigns, and help them make better use of their budgets - enhancing their experience and interest in advertising on the platform. The differential UX offered by Monetize helped Tata 1mg engage brands of all levels in technical aptitude to use the platform easily.

TATA 1mg
Specialty Retailer  (Online Pharmacy)
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