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An In-Depth Exploration of OSMOS’ ControlHub

Introducing Osmos, the groundbreaking omnichannel retail media operating system that transforms how advertisers connect with their audience. Comprising 19 apps in three categories – Adscape, Control Hub, and Stratedge – it redefines the landscape of retail media operations.

Dive into our blog as we unveil the magic within Control Hub! It's your go-to for mastering retail media scale, encompassing pre, during, and post-campaign workflows. With custom automations for financial processes, campaign reviews, onboarding, and signup workflows, Control Hub becomes the catalyst for amping up efficiency, increasing revenue per advertiser, and ensuring a seamless advertising journey. Come along with us and discover how Control Hub makes mastering the scale of retail advertising, from start to finish, an effortless and streamlined experience!


WalletWise is your trusted financial ally for retail media operations, simplifying advertising fund management with multiple billing profiles and local payment gateways. It's designed to boost advertiser involvement by enabling incentivization and the extension of credit. 

Key Highlights:

  • Multiple Billing Profiles enable you with spend controls and incentivization at the individual channel level, allowing advertisers to maintain distinct billing profiles for each channel on your platform
  • Automatic Wallet Top-Up eliminates campaign interruptions by seamlessly replenishing wallet balances. Advertisers benefit from auto-debiting funds from the escrow account for a hassle-free top-up experience
  • Advertiser Incentive Automation fuels advertiser commitment through automated, trigger-based incentives, along with offering you valuable insights into the usage and effectiveness of incentivization programs
  • Credit Line with Invoice Management allows you to extend credit to advertisers and streamline payment collection through auto-generated invoices and reminders

Brand Jukebox:

Brand Jukebox is your go-to solution for enhancing the advertiser experience. Tailor your advertiser tiers, customize features available to each tier, and seamlessly shuffle advertisers between different tiers to optimize their journey on your platform.  Stay ahead of the curve by testing new features with select advertisers first, ensuring their success before introducing them to a wider audience.

Key Highlights:

  • Advertiser Experience Management categorizes advertisers into tiers, customizing feature access and reserving advanced functionalities exclusively for top-tier advertisers
  • New Feature Testing ensures the success of new features by strategically testing and refining based on feedback from select advertisers, culminating in the confident launch of improved features
  • One Click Feature Toggle minimizes risks and ensures continuity through simple feature management. It helps you respond to emergencies, activate, and deactivate features effortlessly with just one click, ensuring seamless operations for all advertisers
  • Advertiser Data Visibility Controls foster clarity by selectively sharing metrics with advertisers, preventing misinterpretation, and reducing the risk of excessive queries from advertisers

Content Cop:

Content Cop plays a pivotal role in upholding your brand's UX guidelines and ensuring an unparalleled shopping experience for your customers. It simplifies campaign approvals through customizable processes that encourage seamless communication between your team and advertisers. With AI content validation, the tool automates the filtering of inappropriate and plagiarized content, creating a secure and brand-safe environment. What's more, Mobile-compatible approvals make creation of high-quality campaigns faster and easier.

Key Highlights:

  • Automated Campaign Review Workflows streamline compliance by integrating a customized pre-launch approval process into the campaign creation flow, guaranteeing alignment with your brand guidelines in every marketing effort
  • In-platform 2-way Communication unifies campaign creation and feedback on a shared dashboard, fostering direct communication between retailers and advertisers. This minimizes approval delays and enhances overall efficiency
  • Automated Content Quality Check guarantees high-quality, brand-aligned, and original content in campaigns, utilizing an AI-enabled quality checker to filter out inappropriate and plagiarized content, thereby minimizing your auditing workload
  • Mobile Compatible Approval Process grants approvers the flexibility to review and approve content on their mobile phones, accelerating the approval process and improving decision timelines

Onboarding Pro:

Onboarding Pro enables customization of onboarding and sign-up experiences to your preference, ensuring advertisers seamlessly align with your platform's standards. Establish a personalized campaign review workflow, ensuring effortless compliance with your brand guidelines. Plus, foster smooth collaboration between agencies and brands through a comprehensive dashboard that effortlessly tracks all the brands an agency manages.

Key Highlights:

  • Onboarding & Signup workflows offer a seamless onboarding experience for advertisers, combining efficiency with due diligence, relieving your team from the intricacies of process design and implementation
  • Customizable Campaign Review Workflows foster brand guideline adherence through an integrated campaign review process in the advertiser-facing self-serve campaign management portal
  • Agency Customized Dashboards optimize agency-brand communication by offering a unified platform for monitoring the performance of all managed brands, with the added capability of easily granting brands access to their individualized reports
  • Existing Systems Integration ensures error-free and seamless data synchronization between’s platform and back-end systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Tealium, Adobe, or Zoho

As we wrap up this exploration of Control Hub within Osmos, it's evident that mastering retail media scale is within your grasp. Embrace the power of Osmos, where scaling retail advertising becomes not just a goal but a seamless reality.