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An In-Depth Exploration of OSMOS’ Adscape

Welcome to Osmos, the revolutionary omnichannel retail media operating system that's set to redefine the way advertisers engage with their audience. This retail media operating system consists of 19 apps across three categories: Adscape, Control Hub, and Stratedge. 

In this blog, we will delve into the suite of applications under Adscape. Adscape is crafted to deliver a premium advertising experience, enabling the offering of various ad formats, through different channels, and with numerous targeting options. Join us as we explore the innovative capabilities of Adscape and discover how it shapes the future of retail advertising.

Product Ads:

Product Ads streamline the promotion of individual product listings, allowing advertisers to effortlessly launch AI-enabled campaigns with just one click. These ML-powered ads are finely tuned to be contextually relevant, taking into account the unique buying behavior and preferences of your customers. What's more, they offer comprehensive full-funnel reporting and analytics, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and a detailed overview of campaign performance. 

Key Highlights:

  • AI-powered 1-Click launch campaigns maximize ad revenue potential with the activation of tail and torso advertisers
  • Contextual Targeting boosts ad fill rates and click-through Rates by aligning ad serving with shoppers' behavior & preferences rather than keyword-search query matching
  • Full Funnel Attribution boosts advertiser trust by showcasing the impact of advertising on overall brand sales through closed-loop measurement, offering profound insights into buying behavior
  • Micro-level Yield Control enables retailers to control minimum CPC at the category or ad placement level

Display Ads:

Display Ads serve as the powerhouse for boosting retail media revenue, empowering advertisers to run localized campaigns aligned with shopper intent through store-level targeting. Meanwhile, first-party audience targeting ensures precision without compromising shopper privacy. The built-in campaign review workflow guarantees adherence to brand guidelines, delivering a seamless and top-notch shopping experience the customers.

Key Highlights:

  • Store-level Geo Targeting empowers advertisers to capitalize on local preferences with location-based targeting, right down to the store level
  • First Party Audience Targeting enables precise targeting for advertisers by allowing them to curate audiences using shoppers’ attributes and on-platform behavior, without you having to share any PII data
  • Auction model fosters competition, elevating program CPM and the Guaranteed Buying model provides guaranteed assurance of advertising performance
  • Campaign Review Loops ensure every campaign complies with brand guidelines using a built-in, custom campaign approval workflow

Product Display Ads:

Product Display Ads emerge as a preferred choice among advertisers, standing out as a versatile ad format. This hybrid gem seamlessly blends the best features of Product Ads and Display Ads, presenting captivating images or videos of advertiser products alongside separate listings. Offering a dynamic advertising experience, these ads effortlessly update in real-time, reflecting changes in stock availability and pricing adjustments. With advanced targeting capabilities, including store-level and keyword targeting, Product Display Ads elevate the advertising impact, providing a comprehensive and effective strategy for reaching the audience.

Key Highlights:

  • Inventory Synced Dynamic Product Listing minimizes wasted ad impressions by replacing unavailable items with in-stock alternatives
  • Real-Time Product Price Updates keep prices accurate in the ad copy, optimizing the auction algorithm for more pertinent traffic and higher CTR
  • Interactive Product Listings empower you to command a premium by delivering high-efficacy ads, seamlessly integrating vital product details and clickable listings for enhanced engagement
  • Keyword Targeting ensures advertisers enjoy high visibility for their brand or product-related queries and get the opportunity to compete with brands that have similar products directly

Video Ads:

Video Ads allow advertisers to captivate their target audience through an immersive experience that combines sight, sound, and motion. These curated, fast-loading, autoplay Video Ads offer a seamless opportunity to engage shoppers. Additionally, it empowers advertisers with advanced analytics, providing valuable insights into video asset performance. This comprehensive approach to video advertising enhances the impact of campaigns, making Video Ads a powerful tool in the advertiser's toolkit.

Key Highlights:

  • 1.5X faster loading prevents revenue leakage by swiftly loading videos on mute, surpassing industry standards
  • Automated Video Quality Check ensures high-quality, brand-aligned video ads with automated video screening that rigorously examines videos for quality, format, and content
  • Video Play Quartile Data provides advertisers with valuable insights into video asset performance, sharing comprehensive data on viewer engagement and interaction

Offsite Ads:

Offsite Ads help you to unlock and broaden your outreach across major channels such as Meta, Google Shopping, DV360, and more. Provide advertisers with the capability for precise first-party audience targeting without compromising shopper data privacy. Simplify the campaign management process by enabling advertisers to launch offsite campaigns with a single click, utilizing end-to-end automation and budget optimization.

Key Highlights:

  • 1-Click Multi-Channel Activation automates campaign management on external channels, simplifying complexities with seamless launches
  • Off-platform inventory as fallback maximizes budget utilization by allocating it first to on-platform ad inventory before external channels
  • Walled Garden maintains control with precise first-party audience targeting without sharing personal data with external channels or advertisers
  • Full-Funnel Reporting & Attribution provide a comprehensive view of shopper behavior, offering insights into campaign performance both on and off-platform

Email Ads:

Email Ads open the door to a 10% uptick in ad revenues by seamlessly integrating with your customer email journeys. Options abound, from auctioning ad slots within promotional emails to full email promotion sponsorships. It ensures heightened shopper engagement with first-party audience targeting and a variety of ad formats. Additionally, implement closed-loop measurement to demonstrate the direct impact on sales, establishing email ads as a leading marketing strategy for advertisers.

Key Highlights:

  • Ad Inventory Expansion generates incremental revenue by selling slots within emails
  • Auction & Fixed Buying Models boost yield with auctions or offer whole email sponsorships
  • First Party Audience Targeting enables personalization without sharing shopper data
  • Multiple Ad Formats Support empowers advertisers with engaging banners and videos within email ad slots

In-store Ads:

In-store Ads elevate your store's advertising game with digital displays on connected screens, precisely targeting aisles and shelves. These ads provide valuable insights into offline shopper behavior, demonstrate the impact of online advertising on offline sales through Offline-to-Online analytics, and enhance in-store audience engagement with the convenience of QR codes.

Key Highlights:

  • In-store Section Targeting increases in-store sales with localized ads tailored to specific store sections
  • Offline-to-Online Analytics showcase online ad impact on offline sales, convincing advertisers to increase online ad spending
  • Shopper Demographic offer insights into offline purchase behavior and movement analytics help to analyze in-store movement patterns for optimized product placement
  • QR Enabled Tracking and engagement enable in-store campaign assessment with dynamic QR scans directing shoppers to dedicated landing pages

Gamified Ads:

Gamified Ads revolutionize the advertising landscape, offering the most enjoyable and engaging ad experience that entices shoppers with the promise of excitement. These ads not only drive interactions but also extend the time shoppers spend on your platform, fostering repeat visits. Advertisers reap the benefits of enhanced customer retention, increased brand recall, and opportunities for product trials and upselling.

Key Highlights:

  • Spin The Wheels Ads help you command a premium for interactive and impactful advertising
  • Coupon / Scratch Card Ads enable advertisers to drive new product trials and execute clearance sales by offering strategic discounts based on shopper interactions
  • Loyalty Program Integration merges loyalty data with gamification for accurate targeting and shopper prioritization to drive repeat purchases from valuable customers
  • Engagement Reporting & Insights provide comprehensive data covering impressions, ad interactions, won offers, and purchases

Influencer Live:

Step into the future of retail advertising with 'Influencer Live,' where video ads take on a near-live appearance. Empower advertisers to captivate shoppers through personalized narratives, interactive product listings, seamless cart additions, and dynamic catalog updates based on product availability. This innovative approach incentivizes advertisers to leverage premium ad formats for maximum impact.

Key Highlights:

  • Interactive Video Ads drive conversions for advertisers with clickable product listings enabling seamless purchases
  • Direct Add to Cart from Ad simplifies the purchase journey, allowing instant cart additions from the ad
  • Inventory Synced Dynamic Product Listing reduces wasted impressions with product listed in the ad changing basis availability
  • With ads Designed for Storytelling advertisers can craft narrative-driven ads educating customers on product usage and benefits

Story Ads:

Story Ads stand out as visually immersive ads dominating the entire screen with multiple inventories. This ad format serves as advertisers' gateway to enhancing brand recall, captivating audiences with engaging creatives, and boosting sales through a seamless shopping experience, facilitated by interactive CTAs.

Key Highlights:

  • Mimics experience on social media, hence enhancing interaction and driving increased engagement
  • Interactive Storytelling captivates audiences, inspiring action and boosting brand visibility
  • Full-funnel Analytics offers in-depth insights from Impressions to attributed orders & ROAS
  • Supports both images and videos, giving advertisers flexibility to create impactful audio-visual experiences that utilize the entire screen

In conclusion, Osmos Adscape emerges as a transformative force in retail advertising, providing advertisers with a robust suite of applications meticulously crafted to enhance storytelling and revolutionize the advertising landscape. From the AI-powered precision of Product Ads to the engaging experiences offered by Video Ads, Osmos’ Adscape ensures a superior and targeted approach to shopper engagement. Our commitment to privacy, innovation in applications like In-store Ads and Gamified Ads, and the emphasis on monetizing customer email journeys through Email Ads all contribute to its standing as a forward-thinking solution. Osmos Adscape is poised to redefine the future of retail advertising, inspiring action, amplifying brand visibility, and driving success for advertisers in the ever-evolving retail sector.