Infrastructural Hurdles

India's biggest social commerce app faced significant challenges in monetizing its social commerce platform. They struggled with zero monetization, lacked analytics and reporting capabilities, had difficulty implementing Product Listing Ads (PLA), faced tech infrastructure issues, and lacked an auto-debit feature.

How AWS was Leveraged
as Part of the Solution

Osmos, powered by leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address the monetization challenges

Provided seamless and high-performing content delivery for optimized user experiences critical for driving ad revenue.

Served as the backbone for data transfer, enabling efficient movement of monetization and analytics data.

Served as a robust data warehousing solution, allowing client to store, manage, and analyze large volumes of monetization data efficiently.

Played a pivotal role in analyzing search keyword data for effective ad targeting and revenue optimization.

We use EMR to run complex attribution models to compute the advertiser-level ROAS.

A Look At The Impact

With the help of's comprehensive solutions leveraging AWS services, this social commerce marketplace was able to overcome its initial monetization challenges. The results included:
Increased revenue generation and profitability for the marketplace
Improved reporting and analytics capabilities for optimizing monetization efforts.
Effective showcasing of products through PLA, enhancing their visibility to potential customers.
Effective showcasing of products through PLA, enhancing their visibility to potential customers.
The successful introduction of an auto-debit feature, resolution of tech infrastructure issues, and the exemplary utilisation of advanced cloud technologies collectively serve as a testament to how innovation and transformation are driven in the retail and e-commerce sectors.

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