Infrastructural Hurdles

An Indian healthcare and e-pharmacy platform, faced significant monetization challenges. These challenges included:

Lack of essential tools and features for effective monetization.
Absence of a dedicated dashboard and control mechanisms for monitoring and optimization.
Insufficient reporting and analytics capabilities for informed decision-making.
Difficulty in ad campaign management, audience targeting, and ad format selection.
Constraints on RX (mandatory physician subscription products) as per regulations.
Limitations in UDP-based ad targeting precision.
Revenue leakage due to operational challenges and difficulty in training new brands.
The need for a central platform to address these issues, which would be costly and time-consuming to build in-house.

How AWS was Leveraged
as Part of the Solution

Osmos, powered by utilized Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a comprehensive solution to marketplace’s challenges

Provided seamless and high-performing content delivery for optimized user experiences critical for driving ad revenue.

Served as the backbone for data transfer, enabling efficient movement of monetization and analytics data.

Served as a robust data warehousing solution, allowing client to store, manage, and analyze large volumes of monetization data efficiently.

Played a pivotal role in analyzing search keyword data for effective ad targeting and revenue optimization.

We use EMR to run complex attribution models to compute the advertiser-level ROAS.

A Look At The Impact

The partnership with, leveraging AWS services, resulted in several benefits
  • Robust reporting and analytics capabilities for effective optimization.
  • Enhanced ad campaign precision through keyword targeting in display ads.
  • Versatility in ad formats to cater to a broader range of advertising needs.
  • Improved ad relevance with RX vs. non-RX product selection.
  • Enhanced user experience and interest in advertising on the platform.
  • A differential user experience that engaged brands of all technical aptitudes.
  • Activation and mobilization of various advertising products through a self-serve platform while addressing unique brand requirements.
  • Increased monetization revenue for India’s top Online Pharmacy Marketplace
  • More accurate targeting with UDP-based ad targeting, leading to impactful and profitable monetization efforts.
  • A self-serve platform that enabled sellers to run ads in three simple steps with zero involvement from the client
  • Detailed reports for sellers to gain insights into campaigns and budget utilization.

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